Ethical policy of the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical discourse» based on ethical norms that are generally accepted in the scientific community of Ukraine and the world. In particular, in this aspect, the editorial Board is guided by the recommendations of the Committee on publication ethics (Committee on Publication Ethics), regulations and domestic and foreign experience.

In order that the article was accepted for publication in the collection of research papers «Pedagogical discourse», it must be original (never published) theoretical and experimental studies on actual problems of the theory of pedagogy, didactics, history of education, scolapasta, teaching methods, education, development, professional orientation of pupils and students in schools and extracurricular institutions, comparative pedagogy, social pedagogy, pedagogy of postgraduate education, multilevel education, management of educational institutions  etc. The article should reveal a problem in that area, which is devoted to the work, and to have scientific novelty and value (theoretical and practical).

As an exception, if the author intends to submit for consideration by the editorial Board previously published materials, he or she must submit a preliminary publication and justify the publication of a new article (must have at least 50 % of the new material), indicating what changes have been made compared with the previous version of the article.

All copyrighted materials are the subject of independent and closed examination without disclosing the contact details of the reviewers to the authors of the materials. The procedure of reviewing of articles is required: external (at the stage of submission of a paper for consideration by the editorial Board) and internal (double-blind peer review where the reviewer doesn’t know the author, and the author reviewer) consideration article by the editorial Board. External review is written in a free form, signed by the doctor who is qualified in the field of pedagogy, which submitted an article for publication, and which should reflect the judgment of the reviewer about the scientific content of the article, its originality, availability of research results and publication in the proceedings. Internal review is to be written by one of the members of the editorial Board, which appoints the chief editor, and Form for the reviewer.

All articles submitted to the editorial Board of the journal of research papers «Pedagogical discourse» are being validated with computer programs to identify academic plagiarism. Articles that have signs of plagiarism and compilation nature will be rejected.

The author of the article for publication in the collection of research papers «Pedagogical discourse» must submit the completed form Copyright agreement for publication of material. If the editorial Board decides to reject the article, the above-mentioned transaction is being voided with the loss of legal force.

When placing materials in the collection of research papers «Pedagogical discourse» the author conveys in a free and non-exclusive use of editorial content with saving only the copyright of the manuscript without limitation of the period of such transfer.

As a fact of placing the materials in the collection of research papers «Pedagogical discourse» the author allows editors of collection to post material on the Internet and provides a right of access to this material to users regardless of their place of residence.

The editorial Board reserves the right to distribute in electronic or paper form the collection of research papers «Pedagogical discourse» and/or other information, prepared by the editorial staff, or a third-party editors acting on behalf of the editorial Board, as a whole or only the separate items or fragments thereof that have already been published without reference to these actions, the authors retain their copyright in accordance with the laws of Ukraine «On information» (version dated 10.08.2012) and «On scientific and technical information» (version dated 09.05.2011 p.).

According to the Law of Ukraine «On Copyright and Related Rights» (edition of 12.05.2012) by author retains all moral rights in the work of providing specify authorship of the work. The editors of the collection of research papers «Pedagogical discourse» in accordance with article 22 of the law of Ukraine «On copyright and related rights» is sending copies of the work to the libraries and archives of Ukraine and other countries, whose activity is not directed, directly or indirectly, to profit, provided the use of materials obtained from the editor in educational activities with the preservation of authorship. The transfer of materials is safeguarding on the principles of open and free access to the transferred materials (open access).

Accepted papers after printing of the collection of research papers «Pedagogical discourse» is being placed in a network of the Internet:

– on the website of the National library of Ukraine named after Vernadsky;

– on the website of Khmelnitsky humanitarian-pedagogical Academy;

– the official website of the collection of scientific works «Pedagogical discourse».